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  • Testimonials


    Nikki S.

    My conversations with Susana have been very insightful, informative, and motivational. Susana is very patient, understanding and helpful. She listens to my ideas and help me to organize my chaotic thoughts. Looking forward to continuing working with her on my new journey in life!!

    Melissa S.

    I’ve never been so pleased in my life.

    Aimée V.

    Was very informative. Gave me a positive push forward. Helped me fill in gaps I was missing.

    Shawnice L.

    Great speaker and business owner enjoyed the talk got great info to move forward highly recommended for anyone start up or someone already in business. Thanks again.

    Tengo M.

    Susana is awesome! She's lived the true entrepreneur's experience and is so helpful, highly recommend

    Kitaki R.

    I was very pleased with my consultation. I was able to talk about my ideas and get great feedback and more.

  • Advice to help you outsmart the competition!

    I live and breathe online marketing, so you don’t have to. From sending email campaigns, too social media management and content creation, to launching your website, I am always up on the latest marketing techniques. Whether you’re an upstart microbrewery, a moving company, a nonprofit on a mission or a side-hustler with a dream—I have been there, done that, and then some. So i’ll be able to tailor a marketing plan that works specifically for you and your industry.


    I am the CEO & Founder of Fro Butter As a Serial entrepreneur who has launched and scaled multiple successful businesses, I have 10+yrs of experience in the world of marketing, leadership and business growth. I have spent time in the startup world as an Owner and Chief Operating Officer for Fro Butter, a haircare brand based in Atlanta Ga, where I have achieved record performance in revenue growth and have been featured in many Top Business articles such as:


    I have real-world, 10+ years proven experience in applying the strategies I teach.

    I have a solid and profitable 6 Figure business that I’ve built from scratch, without a traditional bank loan!

    I have a Bachelor Degree in Business Management

    Not sure where to turn when it comes to your marketing needs? Turn to us.

    Book a free consultation to talk 1:1 with a Marketing Advisor and get all the expert advice that you need.

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