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Coaching Programs

Life as an entrepreneur is a thrilling, daunting, downright crazy adventure–and it can get really lonely at times. But you’re not alone!

I will help you to move out of your own way, tap into your genius, and build your dream business. You deserve success, and with the right mindset and strategic approach, it can be yours!


Keep the momentum Coaching

This one is for clients who have worked with me for at least 6-months and want to keep the pace.

You’ve achieved the big stuff and you’ve got great momentum going. Most entrepreneurs remain in coaching for the long haul but there may come a time that you'd like to pause for a while.

Rather than stop, why not build on the momentum and hold on to my undying support? Have your questions answered, brainstorm new ideas, find your way through problems, and continue to receive my all-around support. Remember, we’re not built to do this all alone—no great entrepreneur does!

What's Included:

  • 1:1 video session for  60-minutes via phone or video conference once a month for a duration of 12 months.

  • Brainstorm Ideas &  Accountability partner

  • We’ll create new goals and expand on existing ones.

There may be a time when you want extra sessions because–stuff happens! So…

Are You Ready?


Premium Launch Coaching

Relationship Management is one of the most popular and successful coaching packages I provide. Your personal or group Relationship Management sessions are based on the knowledge, experience and strategies I have developed over my many years as a Relationship Coach. Get in touch for more information and to book your spot in the program today.

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$990/12 SESSIONS

VIP Coaching

Break down barriers, gain clarity & confidence, build the strategy and master your mindset when you participate in this  private VIP experience.

This coaching experience is my most intense, life and business changing offering. Only those who are deeply committed to breaking down barriers, creating change, and achieving greatness are accepted as VIP clients.

One amazing year of record breaking success!

This is 12 months of empowering, life-altering, revenue generating, deliciousness. I love, love, love working with people who are willing and ready to commit to getting what they want in a powerful and bold way.

Is that you? Do you fit my “ideal, remarkable, anything-is-possible” client profile?

What's Included:

  • An initial 75-Minute Power Planning Session

Here’s where we roll up our sleeves and dig deep into your business (and your psyche) to explore existing barriers, establish a plan, and set expectations and desired milestones.

  • Once a month 60- minute private coaching calls

A combination of structure and flexibility in our sessions will take you exactly where you need to go. We will construct a growth strategy, marketing strategy, and other key components necessary to successfully scale your business. You will become a stronger leader, a more confident, focused entrepreneur (not that you don’t already ROCK!), shed beliefs that may be holding you back (you know, that B.S. stuff in your head!), and tap into a level of happiness that may have eluded you in the past.

  • Ongoing access to me via email, between session calls, and text

(Yes, you read that right—text. I can get kinda nerdy about being nearby for my clients.) I find that the clients who do brief check-ins, whether to celebrate a win, ask a question, or get a boost, are the clients who achieve the most outrageous success.

You will have me by your side for a full year (and for most of my clients… that’s just the beginning)!

Are You Ready?

Here's Your Next Step:

I don’t believe in making big commitments without due diligence. We’ve got to have synergy to make this work! 

So…let’s begin with a 30-minute consultation, and if the synergy is there and the stars align, sparks will fly!